Mad Men Parody Video

Here’s a great Portal 2 video that is a parody of the opening to Mad Men.

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Amazing Portal 2 Art – Now for Sale

If you liked all the art showcased in The Final Hours of Portal 2, Valve has made a number of prints available in its online store.  You can purchase signed copies of work by Realm Lovejoy and Jeremy Bennett, as well as some amazing work from Andrea Wicklund (who created all the Ratmann art, as well as the Lab Rat comic). Head on over to the Valve store to check out what’s available.

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The Snack Bar at Valve

Wonder what it’s like to work at Valve? Watch this cool video that is being linked around the web today — a profile of Valve’s snack food area, featuring interviews with Erik, Gabe, and writer Marc Laidlaw. Fun!

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The Final Hours of Portal 2 Blog is Live

I have been blown away by the kind words and comments about The Final Hours of Portal – thank you for your interest and support! Sales on the App Store have been very strong, we are the #1 News App for 3 days straight.  On this blog I’ll keep you updated on the story, potentially post some excerpts, and also answer your questions.

First, let me get the biggest questions out of the way:

1.) Why is the story only available for iPad? As I mention on the main page FAQ we are working on versions of the story for other devices and platforms. These versions are not going to take months or even weeks to appear. I’ll keep you posted, but rest assured we are (and have been) working on other platforms. The iPad was ready first because it was the base platform for development.  I love the iPad and think it’s the perfect way to experience this story.

2.) Why did you charge money to read this “article”? The answer is pretty simple: This App cost a lot of money to develop and we need to try and cover our production costs. One of the reasons you don’t typically see an article like this online is that traditional banner ad revenue models can’t support a story with this level of production.  This is not just an “article” or a “review” of Portal 2; it is a full blown “making of” book about the game’s creation.

Do you have a question about something you read in the story or my time at Valve? Feel free to post questions below and I’ll respond to them here on the blog.


Luis asks “Whats your next “The final hours” story?? LA NOIRE? Mortal Kombat??”
I have yet to decide when I’ll write another Final Hours story, but no, I am not planning a story on Mortal Kombat or L.A. Noire.  I won’t be able to discuss other Final Hours projects until they are released.

PJ Collazo asks, “How did you mange to keep this a secret?”
Part of my agreement with any developer involved in a Final Hours story is that I will not publicly talk about the story while it is being written.  This allows me to have relatively unrestricted access to the game and the team during development, something that is necessary in order to tell a compelling narrative. I also don’t talk about these projects in advance because I am not always sure they will end up being released. I have other obligations and, as we know, games can always be delayed or cancelled.

Dan asks, “At the very end of the article you write that ‘Portal 2 will probably be Valve’s last game with an isolated single-player experience.’…Was this based on reading general industry trends, or something specific you heard from Valve?”
Good eye! This is coming from Valve, although I don’t have a lot more to share other than what is in the story. I agree it’s a provocative statement, especially given the amazing single player storyline in Portal 2.  Keep in mind Valve said “probably,” so I get the feeling that this could change.

Onlineatron asks, “Did you ever hate the idea of finding out story spoilers before playing through the game?”
Great question, and yes, to avoid spoilers I played through the game before asking the writers detailed questions about plot. I did know about some of the general twists before sitting down with the game, but Portal 2 is so rich and complex that it felt very fresh to me on my first play through.

Nathan asks “What do you mean it wont take months or even weeks for alternate versions? Do you mean it will take longer, or they will be here soon?”
They will be here soon.

Niall asks, “Is there a possibility of an iPhone app being one of the platforms?”
I’m flattered someone would consider reading 15,000 words on an iPhone. We’re looking into what’s possible.



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